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Rachel Lynn Henley was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma - a rare soft tissue cancer - in 2007 when she was 14 years old.  Five years later, in 2012, her family learned that the cancer had spread from her shoulder to her lung, and later to an area by her liver.  For seven and a half years, Rachel fought fiercely and gracefully through chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and a multitude of scans and hospital visits.  Her battle ended peacefully on June 2, 2015.  You can read more about her story here

During her fight Rachel developed a passion for helping others, particularly kids and young adults dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  Team Henley, which was established in her honor in 2007, raised nearly $80,000 over the years to fund cancer research and support.  One of Rachel's dreams was to create a foundation to provide support to various cancer research organizations focusing on pediatrics and sarcomas, as well as organizations that support the daily lives of those living with cancer.  Rachel wanted to use all that she had learned to help others in similar circumstances.  In an attempt to carry out her wishes in the best way we can, the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation has been created in her honor.  The Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation provides an opportunity to contribute toward a cure and provide support to those who are affected by cancer.  It makes our hearts happy knowing we are doing something that she wants and loves.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation is bringing joy and support to young people, families, and caregivers impacted by childhood cancer.

Core Programs

We support our mission by combining the resources from our donors to make a difference in the lives of local childhood cancer fighters and their families through the following: 

Directly and indirectly working to enrich the lives of young cancer fighters

Funding selected ongoing research related to childhood cancers

Increasing awareness of the impact of childhood cancer

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