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The Ladybug Effect

Ladybugs were a symbol to Rachel of good luck and hope. It started on the day of her diagnosis in November 2007 when we found a ladybug crawling across the floor in her windowless examination room, inside the clinic, inside Seattle Children's Hospital. Since then, we found ladybugs often, and it always brought a smile to Rachel's face.  They seemed to congregate around her, particularly in her rooms at both of the houses she lived in.


Traditionally, ladybugs have been seen as messengers of delight and promise, and they can be a reminder to us to release our worries, live our best lives and follow our dreams.  This was how Rachel lived.  Since Rachel passed, many of her family and friends have seen ladybugs, sometimes in the strangest of places including flying into the windows of moving cars and once even in a pre-packaged salad purchased from a store!  These sightings have brought tears but also a smile and sense of peace. 


In Rachel's honor, we love to place ladybugs around town, in the form of paintings, on rocks, sidewalks, and more.  When you see any ladybugs, whether a real one or one of ours, please take a moment to think of Rachel and honor her by remembering to live your best life and follow your dreams.  You can also use it as a reminder to pass that feeling on to others with a smile, and the sharing of love and encouragement.  That would be such a great tribute to Rachel! 

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