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Beautiful Angle Ladybug Effect Poster

"Come to me during the flight

in a red and quivering cloak.

Bring me a smile, during the flight.

Burn my worries in candlelight.

Remind me to fight and then again fight

with one wing of iron and one of delight."

In May 2016, local artists Mary Mann, Lance Kagey, and Tom Llewellyn designed a beautiful, hand-crafted, letterpress poster in Rachel's honor. The poster featured a ladybug with designs on it's wings that were inspired by Rachel's artwork and Stadium High School in the background. Lance and Tom create these posters through Beautiful Angle and hang them around town on an unspecified date. They are sought after by many locals and on May 24th, the ladybug posters were being snatched up as quick as they were hung! We just love the thought of these posters putting a smile on people's faces.

Thank you Mary, Lance, and Tom for creating such an amazing work of art in Rachel's honor!

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