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Our Donation Towards Cancer Research

In December 2015, we announced that our next donation would focus on another of the core principles of our organization - pediatric cancer research.  We reached an agreement with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and were able to contribute our donation directly to Rachel's oncologist, Dr. Seth Pollack, and his work on therapies for synovial sarcoma (SS).  Dr. Pollack is an expert in SS and is currently working on immunotherapy and vaccine studies. An exciting part of his research is that it has the potential to impact not only SS, but could also have far reaching effects on other cancers that share similar characteristics. Rachel felt so fortunate to have been in his care, and having this cutting edge research available to her gave her hope for a cure.  Contributing to his work was a meaningful first research target for our foundation.  To read more about Dr. Pollack and his work click here.


We are so excited to announce that on December 16, 2015, we were able to donate $4,000 to Dr. Seth Pollack and an additional $2,000 on December 29, 2015. Because of a very generous donor matching campaign through the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, our donation was matched in it's entirety! That means that we were able to donate a total of $6,000 to Dr. Seth Pollack's research and another $6,000 to their general fund that will go towards all cancer research! 


We are so grateful to have the ability to make such amazing donations in our first few months of being a foundation. Thank you to all of you who donated and helped raise these funds!


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