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December 2020 

Holiday Giving


The holidays are quickly approaching and we all could use some extra cheer - especially the incredible kids at Mary Bridge who are currently battling cancer! If you would like to help bring smiles to them this holiday season, we have three great ways to do just that!

* Click here to help us restock the bookshelves at Mary Bridge to help provide a distraction to patients during their treatment. items for our Rachel's Got Your Back Program, a program that helps bring comforting items to new patients at Mary Bridge.


* Click here to purchase much-needed thermometers, iPad charging cords, and items to fill the treasure chest for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

* Click the button below to sponsor a gift card or item for one of the needs above.

* All items can be mailed directly to the address on our Amazon list or you can contact us to set up a porch drop-off. Thank you so much for your continued support!  *

Questions? Email us at!

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