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Donation to Dr. Rosenberg's Research on Resilience

“Our research program is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children, adolescents, and families facing childhood cancer.  Our methods rely heavily on partnerships with patients and families; we have learned from adolescents with cancer and their parents how better to support their overall well-being, including their emotional and social needs.  The result of these collaborations is a novel intervention designed to promote patient and family resilience during and after cancer.  This generous gift from the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation will support the next step in the intervention development: creating a digital app for teens and young adults to use whenever they need an additional layer of support. On behalf of my whole team, we are incredibly grateful for this gift and the reminder that our work is important and valuable to families like the Henleys.”

--Abby R. Rosenberg, MD, MS - Associate Program Director, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program; Medical Director, Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital

In December 2016, we made our second research donation when we sent a check for $6,000 to Seattle Children's Hospital to support Dr. Abby Rosenberg's research on resilience in young adult cancer fighters. Resilience is defined as an individual's ability to maintain physical and emotional well-being in the face of adversity. We believe strongly that it was Rachel’s natural resilience, positivity, and endless hope that allowed her to face her difficult battle with such amazing grace and a sense of peace. Unfortunately, for some kids and families, this is not the case. We hope that Dr. Rosenberg’s research will make progress toward developing strategies to help other cancer-fighting kids and their families learn to manage this stress and find this same peace and hope. We are grateful that Dr. Rosenberg has chosen to research this important subject, and honored that your support has given us the opportunity to contribute toward this effort. You can read more about Dr. Rosenberg's research here and here!

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